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Mitsubishi Turbocharger Repair & Replacement

At Long Island Turbo, we repair and replace a wide range of turbocharger engines for various vehicles, which includes the repair and replacement of a Mitsubishi turbo engine. Get dependable and affordable work done on each turbo engine from Mitsubishi when you turn to our professional turbo repair shop. As leaders on Long Island in turbo repair, you can trust our team to appropriately repair and replace a turbocharger engine from Mitsubishi. For more information about our services, please reach out today. Get a quote for the work you are looking to have complete.

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We are located in Bay Shore, New York and many customers across Long Island have turned to us over the years for our professional turbo service, repair and replacement. Other popular turbocharger manufacturers we repair and replace include Toyota, Borg Warner, and Melett. When you reach out, we can provide you with further details about the types of services required for turbocharger repair and replacement.

About Mitsubishi Turbochargers

Mitsubishi has been producing turbochargers for over 50 years, so they have decades of experience in this field. The turbocharger production for industrial diesel engines at Mitsubishi began way back in 1957. In time, this program extended with turbocharger models for the automotive industry. Over the years, the quality won out and was realized by customers, who gave these engines high praise. This all led to a continuing development of the turbocharger parts and engines.

Mitsubishi turbos has an extensive line of aftermarket products, which is split into two different categories: replacement service parts and performance upgrade parts. Among the replacement parts they offer includes complete turbochargers, center housing rotating assembles, and actuators. All of Mitsubishi's turbocharger replacement parts are OEM genuine parts that are made on the same assembly lines to the OEM specifications. There are hundreds of new and remanufactured parts are available for various applications. So if you are in need of some sort of part for a Mitsubishi turbo, then get in touch with us and we can try to track it down for you!

The performance upgrade parts for turbos include direct bolt-on upgrades for many popular sports cars, as well as universal turbochargers for racing and other high-performance applications. These turbos are world-renowned for the reliability and high output, meaning you get the best when you opt for turbo engines and parts from Mitsubishi.

OEM Mitsubishi Parts

The turbocharger section at Mitsubishi is an OEM supplier, meaning they are about to design and develop a turbocharger and keep it consistent at all of their manufacturing plants. What this means is that all of their parts for a turbo engine are compatible to the original model, so replacing it is a lot easier than manufacturers that are dependent on a certain manufacturing location or aspect. Mitsubishi actually works globally to bring all of their customers the best in turbo engine parts, so we can find solutions for turbocharger applications around the world. Their lineup of turbochargers covers a wide variety of engines for passenger and commercial vehicles, which means there are a lot of options. Thankfully for you, we are here to help and can ably find the right turbo parts for your engine when it comes to Mitsubishi turbochargers.

These parts from Mitsubishi cover a wide range of engines for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which includes ships and aircraft. The basic structure of turbochargers share many similarities with the gas turbine and the jet engine. The turbos from Mitsubishi offer aerodynamically designed turbine rotors and compressor wheels combined with high-speed rotating machines for use with turbocharger engine.

USA Turbo Parts Manufacturer

The turbochargers at Mitsubishi are assembled right in Franklin, Indiana at a state-of-the-art facility that was created in 2015. This plant has dedicated assembly lines that allow for faster and more efficient manufacturing. The assembly lines are a mix of automated and manual depending on program volumes and customer needs. These capabilities are met globally at all Mitsubishi plants, ensuring the same quality standards are met. At these state-of-the-art facilities, the turbochargers have automatic or semi-automatic lines that include mistake proofing mechanisms, station to station data matrixing scanning to identify each component, and a360 degree optic inspection at the end of the line.

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