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BorgWarner Turbo Engine Repair

Long Island Turbo offers professional turbo engine repair for many different makes of models of turbochargers, including turbo engine repair for BorgWarner turbochargers. A BorgWarner turbocharger has many uses and applications, so there are different reasons why it may need repair work done.

Our Long Island turbo engine shop utilizes the best tools available and the expertise necessary to get to the bottom of any issue. Let the professionals at Long Island Turbo fix your turbo engine.

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For more information about our turbo repair services, please reach out to us. From balancing, to cleaning, to overall maintenance, we are the #1 turbo repair shop on Long Island.

Uses for BorgWarner Turbos

One of the more popular reasons for using a BorgWarner turbocharger is for race cars. These high-performance turbos have sparked innovations for racing and performance enthusiasts around the globe. As engineered for racing turbochargers (EFR), they are the official turbocharger of the IndyCar Series. Their first appearance of forced induction was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1952 and they have continued to grow their legacy to this day.

The EFR Series Turbochargers are manufactured using materials that have never been combined into an aftermarket turbocharger. These EFR turbos deliver quick boost response, powerful performance and reliable durability. BorgWarner has a long history of pushing the limits of technology and their turbo engines mark their ingenuity. These EFR turbos offer an unprecedented combo of advanced technologies for each user and turbos are designed for competitive motorsports and are durable and scalable. A strong boost for anyone who wants a more powerful replacement or customizable turbocharger. And easy for turbo shops like us to repair.

Service & Care Recommendations for BorgWarner Turbo Engines

What is Good for a Turbocharger?

Turbochargers are designed so they last a long time and require little to no special maintenance. Inspection is limited to a few periodic checks. In order to ensure that a turbocharger's lifespan corresponds to that of the engine, here are the following engine manufacturer's service instruction. Observe them to get the most out of a BorgWarner turbo engine.

  • Oil change intervals
  • Oil pressure control
  • Air filter system maintenance
  • Oil filter system maintenance

What is Bad for a Turbocharger?

90% of all turbo engine failures are due to the following reasons:

  • dirt in oil
  • penetration of foreign bodies into the turbine or compressor
  • inadequate oil supply (oil pressure / filter system)
  • high exhaust gas temperatures (injection system / ignition system)

Regular maintenance can avoid these types of failures. When maintaining the air filter system, care needs to be taken so that no tramp material gets into the turbocharger.

How to Diagnose Failure

If the engine does not operate properly, there is no reason to assume that the turbocharger is the cause of the failure. Oftentimes, fully functioning turbochargers are replaced, despite the failure not lying with the turbo, but rather with the engine. We have a team of experts that know how to diagnose a turbocharger engine and pinpoint the problems.

We will run through a checklist and see if the turbocharger is the cause of the failure. Turbocharger components are manufactured on high-precision machines to close tolerances and the wheels rotate up to 300,000 rpm, so they need to be inspected by a team of specialists. Bring your turbocharger engine down to Long Island Turbo and we will professionally inspect it.

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