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Melett Turbo Engine Repair

Long Island Turbo Engine Repair Shop

Long Island Turbo has years of experience repairing turbo engines from the best manufacturers, which includes turbo engine repair for Melett turbochargers. We provide some of the very best in OEM and high-performance marine and diesel turbo remanufacturing, upgrading, repair, rebuild and service. Every turbo engine we rebuild is done with care and quality. Ensuring that you get the best turbo engine back for your money. When you bring in a turbo engine, all turbochargers receive a detailed failure analysis and quote before starting the repair. This way we are all on the same page in terms of what needs to be done. Please reach out to us today for more information.

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Long Island Turbo also offers new or remanufactured factory units. Get the best turbo engine service when you turn to LI Turbo! Our staff has the expertise necessary to get the job done right and at a price you can afford.  Call today at 1-833-LI-TURBO (1-833-548-8726) and receive information on a custom factory-built high-performance turbocharger for your specific application.

About Melett

Melett was founded in 1995. During their inception, their main focus was to help keep the turbo reconditioning industry growing by manufacturing high-end turbochargers, repair kits and turbo parts. By doing so, they made repairs possible where the original turbo manufacturer does not fully support the aftermarket created. Over the years, Melett has become one of the most trusted brands for professional turbo repairers and reconditioners around the world.

In an effort to further support the professional turbo repair industry, Melett launched a variety of precision engineered turbochargers. These turbos provided a quality, yet affordable alternative to a new OE turbocharger. Melett is world-renowned for producing OE quality parts that aid the turbo parts aftermarket and the need for high-quality repair work. And at Long Island Turbo, we utilize these advantages and repair Melett turbo engines, as well as other types of turbocharger repair and service. Learn more about Melett and all they do for the industry.

Why Choose Melett

Melett is a global leader in regard to turbochargers and there are great reasons why many choose their turbocharger engines. Here are some of the key reasons to choose Melett for your turbo engines.

  • All turbos manufactured to meet Melett quality standards.
  • Engineered to match OEM design.
  • Provides a solution where no repair options exist.
  • Restarts the repair cycle by retaining the exchange turbo.

If you have chosen a Melett turbo engine and need repair done, the shop at Long Island Turbo can help!

What Makes a Melett Turbo Engine Stand Out

Since Melett is prolific in servicing the aftermarket, they take pride in gaining knowledge in the latest technologies. By utilizing that knowledge, they are able to correct inherent design issues and upgrade old turbos. All Melett turbochargers are manufactured to meet their strict quality standards, which allows for top-of-the-line turbos to hit the market. They have an engineering team that is always aiming to improve their turbos and during the development stage their turbos undergo extensive testing that makes sure they are up to performance standards and durability levels. The vehicle testing they do includes validating engine emissions, torque, power transient response and fuel economy. This testing ensures every Melett turbo engine matches the OE specification.

Why Melett Introduced Complete Turbochargers

Certain applications are often destroyed beyond repair and quality old core may not be available. This work can simply be too expensive, too, with complexities involved meaning a repair solution is not possible. Rest assured, the staff at Long Island Turbo will do everything possible in order to get your turbo engine back up and running. With Melett, when the need for a new turbo engine arises, Melett allows us to provide premium brand turbos as an alternative to an OEM turbo.

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