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Diesel Turbo Installation

Dependable Diesel Turbo Installation Services

Long Island Turbo offers people in Long Island and throughout the New York tri-state area with affordable diesel turbo installation services. We have over 25 years of experience in the turbo field and are gurus on the matter. When you turn to us, you will be getting service on your turbo engine that is reliable, as well as affordable. We know what price points work and aim to keep the price as reasonable as possible.

Our turbo shop can get the turbocharger parts that you need! We either carry already or can get you those hard-to-find parts for your marine or diesel turbo engine. So if we do not have it in stock already, we can find it and overnight it to our shop. Our team is factory trained and authorized to assist you in every way. Once we have the parts for your diesel turbo, we can go ahead with the installation.

For more information about our turbo engine services, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about your turbo and make an appointment to inspect your engine. Give us a call at 833-548-8726. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and quote.

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Diesel Turbo Installation for Various Makes & Models

Long Island Turbo has years of experience working on turbochargers. Our shop handles inspections, repairs, replacements and rebuilds of nearly all makes and models of turbo engines, as well as perform diesel turbo installation. Here are some of the more popular models and manufacturers that we work with:

By working with so many different manufacturers, we are proficient in finding the correct diesel turbo parts to finish these jobs. Our diesel turbo installation speaks for itself. Get effortless and affordable services for your turbo engine when you bring it down to Long Island Turbo.

Inspections of Turbos

We find it too common that people immediately jump to replace their turbo engine without a proper inspection. That is why we urge you to bring your turbo to us for an inspection. We will look for a root cause of the issue and look to repair it before scrapping it for a new engine. Of course, turbo engines can simply fail due to age and use.

However, there are a number of other issues that may have led to the failure. Some of the causes for this are poor and improper maintenance, intake and exhaust restrictions, or intake and exhaust leaks. We may be experts on diesel turbo installation. However, we know they may be expensive and sometimes there is a cheaper, more pragmatic approach.

Engine Oil Contamination

A major cause for a turbo to fail is engine oil contamination. The bearings in a turbo take a lot more impact from dirty oil than other engine bearings simply due to the high RPMs seen in a turbo engine under boost conditions. Depending on the particular model, the max RPMs can range anywhere from 80k to 200k under boost conditions.

So it is important to change the oil at regular intervals. Otherwise, restrictions and/or leaks on the intake and exhaust sides of the turbocharger may lead to thrust bearing failure due to unequal pressure on either side of the turbo. This pushes or pulls the wheel assembly one direction or the other. So, in this case, the installation of a new diesel turbo engine may be needed. But we will make sure that we do everything in our power to save you money, while ensuring your turbo engine is in tip-top shape.

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