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Rotomaster Turbocharger Engine Repair

LI Turbo offers professional turbocharger engine repair and service for Rotomaster turbochargers. Rotomaster is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of turbo engines. And our Long Island shop can effectively repair and replace turbochargers by Rotomaster.

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About Rotomaster

Rotomaster opened in 1978 as a supplier to Original Equipment manufacturers. They started out in the heavy-duty market and eventually expanded into light, medium-duty, power sports, industrial and marine vehicles. Rotomaster serves both a Tier One and aftermarket supplier.

Rotomaster has ISO 9001-certified locations in the US, Canada and Chine. They proudly pave the way for innovative turbo design, scalable manufacturing, state-of-the-art testing and expert technical support. Making them one of the most popular manufacturers of turbo engines.

Rotomaster is recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in performance, innovation, durability, and value. With over 40 years  of experience, get the most with Rotomaster turbocharger engines.

Rotomaster Turbochargers

The turbochargers that Rotomaster manufacturers are available for a wide variety of automotive applications that meet the growing demands for maximum vehicle performance with optimal fuel efficiency. All Rotomaster turbo engine are designed and tested to guarantee O.E. fit and performance.

  • With a Rotomaster turbocharger, you will be getting your vehicle on the road with peak performance. These turbo engines offer great benefits and unique features, such as:
  • 100% dynamic balancing of compressor wheels, turbine shaft/wheel assemblies.
  • All units come with the required gaskets, which makes installation easier.
  • Complete rotating assembly guarantees proper operation and extends the life of the engine.
  • Will meet or exceed OE performances.

Get these features and more when you opt for a turbocharger from Rotomaster. And with our repair services, you can get your Rotomaster turbocharger engine back on the road in no time!

Turbo Engine Cartridges

When a turbocharger fails, many often think to simply replace the entire unit. However, it is common for the damage to be isolated within the turbo cartridge. The turbo cartridge contains the crucial components of the turbo assembly. All Rotomaster Turbo Cartridges are assembled with O.E. grade components, which ensures high performances and extra durability. When we replace just the cartridge, we can salvage the remaining components. Which reduces the overall turbocharger engine repair time for the Rotomaster turbo and ultimately saves you money. Here are some of the features and benefits of a Rotomaster Turbo Engine Cartridge.

  • Eliminates the need to replace the entire turbocharger engine when repair work is required.
  • Allows for reuse of the original compressor and turbine housings.

Turbocharger Pedestals

A turbocharger pedestal provides a mounting point for attaching the turbo to the engine. There are certain pedestal designs that also incorporate the exhaust back pressure valve actuator and control solenoid, which helps the engine warm up if it is cold outside.

New Rotomaster turbo pedestals are manufactured with O.E. grade materials and feature an improved seal design to ensure high performance and durability. Here are some of the features and benefits of a Rotomaster turbo pedestal:

  • The direct O.E. replacement will meet or exceed O.E. performance.
  • An improved seal design prevents leakage and prolongs service life.
  • O-rings and turbo to pedestal bolts included when purchased through manufacturer.
  • It is pressure-tested to ensure trouble-free service
  • During manufacturing, it utilizes O.E. grade material for better durability.

When you turn to LI Turbo, we have the ability to repair your  Rotomaster turbocharger engine. Get the best turbo service when you turn to us.

Billet Compressor Wheels

The turbocharger compressor wheel plays an integral part in delivering high-pressure air to the intake manifold, which results in more power. Traditional compressor wheels are made from cast aluminum, which results in a higher mass and lower fatigue life when compared to the lighter weight, stronger, Rotomaster Billet Compressor Wheel. In general, these billet wheels are great for high demand applications, such as high performance racing applications or high duty cycle applications, like buses or delivery vehicles.

The design of each Rotomaster billet compressor wheel is designed to meet or exceed all O.E. performance standards and fit seamlessly into O.E. covers. It is built for strength and tested to endurance. Here are some of the product features and benefits.

  • Machined from forged billet for extra strength.
  • milled for consistent mass and consistent center of gravity.
  • Machined with a high degree of precision.
  • Stronger than OE cast aluminum wheels, which results in a higher fatigue life.
  • All products get tested and inspected in an ISO-9001 compliant environment.

With our Rotomaster turbocharger engine repair, you will be getting the most out of your turbo engine.

Electric Actuators & Control Solenoids

Electric actuators and control solenoids are crucial components that regulate the exhaust pressure from the hot-side of a variable geometry turbocharger. This part plays a major role in determining the speed of a turbocharger with a variable nozzle turbine system. Rotomaster offers a wide range of OE and aftermarket, pre-programmed electronic actuators and control solenoids. There are no programs or adjustments required, which ensures that you get the best with your Rotomaster turbocharger engine repair. Here are some of the features and benefits of electric actuators and control solenoids.

  • Eliminates the need to replace the entire turbocharger engine during repair.
  • Comes pre-programmed and ready to install.
  • Supplied with OE-grade components for durability.
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