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Advantages and Disadvantages of Turbochargers

Like with anything else, turbochargers come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. At Long Island Turbo, we can repair any sort of turbocharger that comes in our shop. Either with the replacement parts we have in stock, or by finding the exact parts you need.

For more information about our services for turbo engines, please get in touch with us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have about the services we provide. You can reach us by calling our office at 631-328-4771. When you call, we can go over what you need with your turbo engine. And once we have a firm grip of the situation, we can provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for the work.

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Advantages of a Turbo Engine

When you use a turbocharger, you can use both gasoline or diesel engines. Diesel turbochargers in particular present their own sort of benefits. You can use turbochargers on pretty much any sort of vehicle. Car, truck, ship, bus, you name it! The basic advantage of using any turbocharger is that you will get more power output for the same size of engine. What this means is that every single stroke of the piston in all the cylinders will generate more power than it would do otherwise.

When an engine is fitted with a turbocharger, it is theoretically smaller and lighter than an engine producing the same power without a turbocharger. So, a turbocharger car often gives better fuel economy in that respect. Car manufacturers often use a much smaller engine to the same car. For example, a turbocharged V6 instead of a V8, or a turbocharged four-cylinder engine instead of a V6.

So that is where the turbocharger gets another big advantage. When working well, they can save fuel! And since they burn fuel with more oxygen, they often burn the fuel more cleanly, which produces less air pollution. This makes a turbocharger engine an eco-friendly choice too.

Disadvantages of a Turbo Engine

Remember how we mentioned that you get more power with a turbocharger? Well, more power means more energy output per second. This means that you have to put more energy when you use it. So you must burn more fuel. In theory, that means an engine with a turbocharger is no more fuel efficient than one without. Perhaps not a huge disadvantage, but something to note nonetheless.

But why aren't all engines turbocharged? After all, more power for the same engine size sounds great! Well, it turns out the fuel economy for turbochargers is not always as good and efficient as one hopes. Many give significantly worse fuel economy than their counterparts. So for saving fuel, opting for hybrids and other advanced technologies is the way to go.

Another disadvantage is reliability. When you add a turbocharger to the engine, you are adding another layer of mechanical complexity to just an ordinary engine. So more things can go wrong, thus it requires maintenance more often. And subsequently make the turbocharger engine more expensive. When you turn to a turbocharger engine, you want to get the more from the same basic design. However, by getting more, you are also getting higher pressures and temperatures, which makes parts fail quicker.

When the turbochargers do break down, you can bring them down to our turbo rebuild shop on Long Island. We can effectively work on and fix the underlying issues. All while doing it within your budget. And no work will be authorized without your permission. Get turbo installation that you can trust! We have years of experience doing what we do.

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