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Professional Service for Diesel Turbochargers

Long Island's #1 Shop for Turbocharger Service

Long Island Turbo is your professional team when it comes to repair, rebuilding and installation of diesel turbochargers. We carry a lot of parts that effectively fix and rebuild diesel turbochargers. And if we do not have the part you need, then we can search for it and let you know once it comes in.

For more information about our turbo engine services, please fill out a contact form. Let us know what you want or need and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you do have an idea of what you want, then you can request a quote. And we will let you know the price for the part and/or service.

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So please, for the best services when it comes to diesel turbochargers in New York, turn to Long Island Turbo located right in Bay Shore. We proudly serve many in the Bay Shore community, as well as people across Long Island.

Diesel Turbochargers Benefits

When you opt for diesel engines that are turbochargers, you get a number of wonderful benefits. Here are the leading benefits:

Fuel Efficient

In general, diesel is about 33% more fuel efficient than your leading gasoline. And that efficiency only increases with the use of turbo engines.

Better Performance

Turbochargers do increase the horsepower for the vehicle. However, they also lower emissions and improve altitude compensation. Turbocharging an engine will increase the power output of a given engine weight, which leads to overall better performance.


Turbocharging an engine allows the manufacturers of the engine to reduce the overall size of it. Since the turbo engine delivers a higher power and performance. Thus, the smaller engine emits a lower level of greenhouse gas emissions and is the more eco-friendly option.

Improvement in Towing Capabilities

Many who opt for diesel turbochargers do so for the better towing capabilities when you compare it to regular diesel and gasoline engines. So this allows for those who need this feature to lean on turbo engines, which is great for farm machinery and vehicles that handle heavy loads on a daily basis and operate mostly off-road.

Higher Torque Output

With a turbo engine, more air is inducted into the cylinder, which increases the air density and pressure. What this does is then allows for the injection of more fuel, which produces more torque, which creates more power. It is a chain effect. Also, there is an improvement in the low-speed torque, too.

How Turbochargers Work?

Now that you know the benefits of diesel turbochargers, let's learn a little more about how they work in general. They work in a similar fashion to piston engines. In a nutshell, they operate by having an exhaust-powered turbine rotating an air compressor. This increases the overall air flow to the cylinders and allows for the additional burning of fuel per second. There is an improvement in combustion efficiency, while also adding more horsepower. There is an optimization in the fuel burning process that ensures as much energy as possible gets extracted from the burning fuel. And turbo engines allow for extra oxygen in the whole process, which then results in higher performance.

And it is worth noting the advancement of technology. There are always advancements being made, which allows for better performing engines. We constantly stay on top of these changing technologies in order to provide you with the best diesel turbochargers on the market. And this includes handling it every step of the way. So whether you need a repair, a rebuild, modifications, or an installation, our team of technicians will effectively get the job done.

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