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Difference Between OE and Aftermarket Turbochargers

Within the automotive parts industry there are two main types of component producers: OEM and Aftermarket manufacturers. Here we highlight the main differences of OEM v Aftermarket components. At Long Island Turbo, we can bring you OEM turbo parts at reasonable prices. On top of that, we also provide turbo services, such as rebuilding and remanufacturing. Get the best turbocharger service on Long Island when you turn to our shop! Request a today if you need OEM or aftermarket turbocharger parts.

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When you reach out, we can help you and get the parts that you need. We can also aid in the installation and repair of the turbo parts. Our repair shop has years of experience repairing and replacing turbochargers and their subsequent parts. Get the best turbo engine service on Long Island by turning to the team at Long Island Turbo!

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

The OEM is the original producer of a vehicle’s components. So, OEM car parts are identical to the parts originally used in producing a vehicle and the replacement is a one-to-one switch. OEMs often have their products sold by branded car dealerships or shops like Long Island Turbo. However, these turbo parts are also available to order through the automaker directly, which is common practice when needing certain parts to repair and replace turbochargers.

OEM products are endorsed by the automaker and are often significantly more expensive than aftermarket parts. But you pay for what you get and what you are getting is a new part for your turbo engine, meaning the repair and replacement is easier. When ordering these parts, the automaker usually guarantees OEM parts to be compatible with the vehicle and the engine. In general, OEM products are usually only available for purchase directly through dealerships or authorized shops, but aftermarket parts may be purchased online from a variety of vendors.

Aftermarket Manufacturers

Aftermarket parts are produced by other manufacturers that are not the original manufacturer of the part. Many aftermarket components, such turbochargers and turbo parts, are high-quality products and are often available at a lower price than OEM parts. However, sometimes these parts can also be of varying levels of quality or compatibility with the vehicle. So it is imperative that if you are looking at aftermarket parts that you work with Long Island Turbo. We know quality when we see it and can effectively find and order the right parts for our turbo engine repair services.

There is fierce competition in the automotive parts industry, which creates a strong need for OEM and aftermarket manufacturers to distinguish themselves in the parts market. The aftermarket manufacturers breed a lot of competition, which results in a wide range of prices and unique features of parts. The quality of some aftermarket parts equals or exceeds OEM products, but that is not always the case. Sometimes we will come across aftermarket parts by companies who compete by offering lower-priced products of inferior quality. To the untrained eye these parts may be okay, but when you turn to Long Island Turbo you can rest assured that the parts we order are of sound quality. Get trusted turbocharger remanufacturing when you bring in your turbo engine to our shop.

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