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Professional Turbocharger Maintenance

Long Island Turbo Engine Maintenance Shop

Long Island Turbo offers professional turbocharger maintenance for your turbo engine. We have years of experience handling these types of engines and will ensure that your turbo engine gets the care and attention it requires.

When you bring down your turbo engine for maintenance, there are always a few different options at your disposal. The standard price for a turbo rebuild begins at $400 depending on the make and model of your turbo. A standard turbocharger rebuild includes all bearings, seals, thrust components, O-rings & balancing, as well as a thorough cleaning, bead blasting and painting.

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At our turbo engine maintenance shop, we effectively utilize our Schenck turbocharger balancing machine to balance individual components, compressor wheel, turbine shaft, balance the complete rotating assembly or CHRA. Our turbocharger maintenance is second to none on Long Island. Get the professional hand you'd expect when you bring down your turbo engines to our shop. We bring years of experience working on all different makes and models of turbocharger engines, so no matter the sort of maintenance you require we have the skills to get the job done!

How Turbocharger Maintenance Helps Long Term

The turbocharger engine itself is simple in theory, but a replacement can be expensive. We here at Long Island Turbo do all we can to make our turbocharger maintenance and other turbo services are as affordable as possible. Unfortunately, you cannot lower the price for some of the diesel turbo parts on the market. So it can get expensive between the parts, the installation and the labor. However, bringing the turbocharger engine in for periodic maintenance is a great way to keep the engine running smooth. And ensuring long-term damage does not happen.

One of the best ways to keep a turbo engine working properly is by following the manufacturers' motor oil and service recommendations. It is okay if you do not know these aspects, because we do! In general, turbo engine can be tough on motor oils. That is because the same exhaust that spins the turbine wheel gives the hot side its name. And the hot side housing can get visibly red hot. Since the shaft can spin in the range of 100,000 rpm, it is important you use a high-quality motor oil to keep it running smooth. And for the overall survival of the turbocharger.

Over the years, there have been great advances in both motor oil and water-cooled turbocharger housings. This has in turn led to more consumer-friendly turbo engines. However, still neglecting the oil changes can lead to a quick downfall for any turbo engine. Which is why properly maintaining the turbocharger goes a long way into the overall longevity of the engine.

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When it comes to a replacement or repair of a turbo engine, the prices can vary. Turbocharger rebuilding is also an option, but again this is an expensive route to go. For the most part, rebuilding a turbo engine is cheaper than purchasing a new one. But you want to avoid most of these aspects if you can. Which is why regular maintenance for your turbocharger keeps it running smooth and you avoid having to pay an arm and a leg for repairs and installation.

LI Turbo has years of experience handling turbocharger maintenance on Long Island, New York. Over these years, we have worked on many different makes and models of turbo engine. So we have what it takes in order to get the job done. The number for our office is 631-328-4771. When you call, we can go over everything regarding your turbo engine and the services we can provide. Or simply fill out a form to get a quote on the work you want done. From turbo installation to remanufactured turbos, our Long Island repair shop can do it all when it comes to turbocharger engines.

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