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Turbo Balancing Services

Long Island Turbo offers professional balancing when it comes to rebuilding and repairing turbos and turbocharger engines. Every step along the way is crucial for the turbo to work properly. At Long Island Turbo, we have years of experience working on turbo engines and will safely balance them to ensure ultimate safety.

For more information about our turbo balancing services, as well as our turbocharger services in general, please reach out to us. Fill out a contact form or give our office a call. The number to dial is 631-328-4771. When you call, we can provide you with more details about our services, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding your turbocharger engine. Learn more about our turbo rebuilding services and see why many count on Long Island Turbo to get the job done right!

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Why Balancing of Turbo Engines is Important

When you get a rebuild or repair of a turbocharger engine, it is important it is done correctly. One big reason is due to machinery vibration. Internal combustion engines use turbochargers as a simple way to boost output power. However, an imbalance at high speeds will generate vibrations. These vibrations will not only reduce the performance of the engine, but it can also lead to permanent damage to the entire structure. So, turbo balancing services are important when monitoring your turbocharger engine. If you want optimal performance, listen out for machinery vibration. If you hear it, it is a tell-tale sign that work is in store. Long Island Turbo's turbocharger balancing services will ensure a safety with the turbo engine.

Causes of Imbalacing With a Turbo Engine

Every rotor needs a proper weight distribution across the rotating axis in order to prevent in imbalance. In general, turbo assemblies are meant to increase the power in internal combustion engines with an injection of huge loads of air into the combustion chamber. But over-using the turbo can wear it down, which causes an imbalance in the shaft that needs to be fixed.

Another cause is simply having an object hi the turbo at high speeds. Even small pieces of debris can cause unforeseen damage to the turbo engine that improperly realigns the shaft.

So, when it comes to turbo balancing, we here at LI Turbo use turbo balancing machines to properly repair and remanufacture these turbo engines. This ensures a perfect balance each and every time.

Imbalance Effects

Vibration acceleration is the biggest issue when it comes to dealing with imbalanced turbo engines. The vibration absorbs a lot of the energy, but becomes wasted because it does not contribute to the overall performance of the turbo engine. Thus this vibration is a big reason you see failure of turbo engines.

And induced vibration acceleration can cause damage during operation, which then becomes a safety hazard. Bearings, bolts and belts are all at risk of loosening. And thus causing more unwanted vibrations.

All of this is to say that an imbalanced turbo engine sees a sharp decline in performance. The significance varies, so you may not realize it. But we will! So if you believe this may be an issue, then please bring down your turbo engine to our turbo repair shop!

Our Balancing Methods & Process

When it comes to properly balancing a turbo engine, it is a multiple step process. We have years of experience in handling this and incorporate it into each and every turbo rebuild, repair and remanufacturing. Balancing is crucial to the turbocharging rebuilding process, because it ensures a stability that is important when using at high speeds.

We use various tools to ensure that the balancing is completed properly, including balancing for shafts and wheel components. While balancing, we will likely periodically be running tests to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Some tests for imbalancing include testing for mass imbalances of the core, harmonics, and oil leaks. If the turbo engine does not pass the test, then we disassemble and inspect before starting the process over again. It may seem laborious, but it is important that all proper steps are taken. Your safety is our responsibility!

In many instances, once we complete the shaft striating, each rotating components of the turbo is balanced separately and then will be rebalanced after the re-assembly is complete. This ensures ultimate safety, reliability and performance.

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