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Marine Turbo Repair

Long Island Turbo offers affordable and reliable repair for marine turbo engines. We are experts in the field of turbos and turbo repair. Though we are located on Long Island, New York, our marine turbo repair services extend to customers throughout the NYC and beyond. You can ship us your turbo engine and we can take a look to see what we can do.

For more information about our repair and rebuilding services, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our services. The number for our office is 631-328-4771. When you call, we can go over the issues you are having and come up with a plan of action. We can also schedule an appointment for you to bring down your turbo engine.

Get a Quote!

If you are looking to send it in, we can go over those details. It must be said that we will look it over and provide you with an accurate and fair estimate for the work. You will have 30 days after the repair estimate has been given to make arrangements for the repair or return shipping on the product. If we do not receive a full payment for either the repair or the return shipping, the product will become property of Long Island Turbo Inc. Read more about our warranty.

What Our Marine Turbo Repair Is AboutMarine Turbo Repair

When it comes to repairing a marine turbo engine, there are differences in the amount of work that needs to be done. So, the standard price for a rebuild starts at $400.00. However, this depends on what make of turbo you have and what work you need. Every standard rebuild includes all bearings, seals, thrust components, O-rings & balancing as well as a thorough cleaning, bead blasting and painting.

At our repair shop, we utilize our Schenck turbocharger balancing machine to balance individual components, compressor wheel, turbine shaft, balance the complete rotating assembly or CHRA. So you can safely trust us to get the job done when it comes to the repair of your marine turbo engine.

 How To Check Your Turbocharger

The turbocharger is an integral part of any ship, boat, or marine engine. It reuses the exhaust gases in order to increase the overall efficiency of the engine. Every turbo consists of two parts: blower and turbine sides. Both aspects require equal attention while carrying out routine maintenance procedures. Below are some maintenance aspects that every marine turbo engine in order to avoid costly repair work.

Keep a Close Catch on All Turbo Charger Parameters

This may be obvious to many, but so important we need to say it. While monitoring the turbocharger, check these following points:

  • Speed of the turbocharger
  • Exhaust gas inlet and outlet temperatures
  • Cooling water inlet and outlet temperatures
  • Turbocharger lube oil pressure and temperature
  • Differential air pressure in manometer at the compressor side

Monitor Turbocharger Sound

Listening to the sound is one of the best ways of identifying any machinery problem, so the same goes with your marine turbo. If you hear any sort of abnormal scratching sound that may indicate problems in the rotating parts of the turbocharger. You may also hear a howling sound. This possibly indicates a chocked inlet or air passage, which may lead to surging of turbocharger.

Check The Vibration

Turbochargers are high-speed rotating machines. Some turbos actually achieve higher speeds than any other machinery onboard a ship or boat. They are that powerful. So, they have a natural vibration frequency. Engine bracing is done near the turbocharger to transfer such vibrations to the ship’s structure. If the vibration increases abnormally, stop the engine as it may be due to worn out bearings, abnormal “K”value or loose foundation bolts. In any case, this is a huge sign you may need to repair your marine turbo.

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